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IOS install

System requirements

To install and run NuxUI, your development environment must meet these minimum requirements:

1. golang 1.8+ Download and install golang

Dwonload golang
golang installation instructions

2. macOS Developer Tools

xcode-select --install

3. Xcode

Build IOS App

Install build tool

go install

Build for ios

nux build -target=ios -bundleid="" .

Build for iossimulator

nux build -target=iossimulator -bundleid="" .

If failed to pull the signing certificate to determine your team ID, add teamid manual

Find any xcode project, open file project.pbxproj and find DEVELOPMENT_TEAM = YOURTEAMID, then:

nux build -target=iossimulator -bundleid="" -teamid="YOURTEAMID" .

Install app to device

open -a Simulator
xcrun simctl install booted ./


open -a Simulator

cd nuxui/samples/counter

/Users/mustodo/go/bin/nux build -target=iossimulator -bundleid="a.b" -teamid="MU53V3J3JA" .

xcrun simctl install booted ./