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Color is a RGBA color same with html css

type Color uint32

Consts of colors

const (
    Transparent Color = 0x00000000
    White       Color = 0xFFFFFFFF
    Black       Color = 0x000000FF
    Red         Color = 0xFF0000FF
    Green       Color = 0x00FF00FF
    Blue        Color = 0x0000FFFF
    Purple      Color = 0xFF00FFFF
    Yellow      Color = 0xFFFF00FF


c1, err := nux.ParseColor("#ff0000", nux.Transparent) // c1 is 0xFF0000FF
c1, err := nux.ParseColor("ff0000", nux.Transparent) // c1 is Transparent, err is not nil
var c2 nux.Color = 0xFF0000FF


Function Arguments Return
RGBAf () r, g, b, a float32
ARGB () uint32
Equal (Color) bool