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Attr is a map with string key and any value

type Attr map[string]any


attr := nux.Attr{
    "width": 10,
    "height": "10%",
    "color": "#ff0000",
    "font": nux.Attr{
        "family": "arial",
        "size": 14,

attr.Has("text") // false
attr.Has("width") // true
attr.GetInt32("width", 80) // 10
attr.GetDimen("height", nux.ADimen(50, nux.Pixel)) // nux.Dimen{10, nux.Percent}
attr.GetString("text", "default text") // default text
attr.GetAttr("font", nil) // nux.Attr{"family": "arial", "size": 14}
attr.GetColor("color", 0xffffff) // 0xff0000
Function Arguments Return
Has (string) bool
Set (string, any) void
Get (string, any) any
GetAttr (string, nux.Attr) nux.Attr
GetString (string, string) string
GetBool (string, bool) bool
GetColor (string, nux.Color) nux.Color
GetDimen (string, nux.Dimen) nux.Dimen
GetInt8 (string, int8) int8
GetInt32 (string, int32) int32
GetInt64 (string, int64) int64
GetFloat32 (string, float32) float32
GetFloat64 (string, float64) float64
GetArray (string, []any) []any
GetStringArray (string, []string) []string
GetAttrArray (string, []nux.Attr) []nux.Attr